HOST: Polish- Canadian Vocal Group Inc.

Under the patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto.

Learn about our arts & culture, castles, palaces, Holy places, world Heritage sites and more. Enjoy Polish culture, tradition and cuisine.



The Polish Pavilion welcomes you to a weekend of non-stop traditional folklore dance that includes brightly colourful costumes , energetic polkas and live music. In one weekend you will be able to experience the history and culture of Poland without leaving your seat. 

Everyone is welcome to join the party!  Zapraszamy!

2022 Showtimes – coming soon


Enjoy traditional Polish specialties including: Pierogi, Bigos – Sauerkraut, Galabki – cabbage rolls, Kielbasa – sausage.

Desserts: Paczki, Crepes.

As part of the Toonie Taste the Poland Pavilion will be offering pierogi and sauerkraut.



Janina Ruta – 905-542-1237