Host: Arabic Cultural Club of Ontario (ACCO).
Since 1999, ACCO has been a volunteer organization that promotes educational/ cultural activities and programs that are beneficial to enriching our Canadian multiculturalism by showcasing Lebanon and the Arab World.


Live, Love Lebanon … Tour Lebanon in three days. Come and explore this family fun event at the “Lebanon Pavilion” and enjoy a variety of extraordinary live entertainment, exhilarating performances, informative displays, exhibits, and tasty Lebanese food and more…

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2017 Entertainment Schedule

Maysaloun Dance Group”; with 130 performers ranging from the age of 4 to 25; presents these two shows that will run alternatively every hour at the top of the hour

*Musical Play Show: This show is inspired by “The Guardian of the Keys”; a musical play written by Lebanese writers and composers “Rahbani Brothers”. The story is about a small kingdom that was ruled by a ruthless King. Due to his dictatorship, most of the people fled the kingdom except a farmer lady “Zad Elkhair”, who refused to leave and promised the people to look after their properties while they are gone. She insisted to stay; even if she will be left alone; to face the king and prove him wrong… The story will roll out on the stage scene by scene with music, dabke, belly and figure dances with vibrant colourful handmade costumes.

*Multi Dances Show: A variety of performances such as; folk dances and musical sketches; highlighting different themes of some Lebanese districts; presented by our community kids.

Exhibits: Enjoy many colourful and informative displays of cultural posters, oil and water paintings, artizana, fashions, jewellery, arts, crafts, and books.

Arabic Calligraphy Booth: Visitors will get to see and learn about the history of the Arabic Alphabet, and get their names written in Arabic for FREE.

Arabian Hospitality Setting: Visitors are welcomed to take their photos in cultural Lebanese costume at the “Arabian Hospitality Setting” booth and get a FREE drink or sweet.

Kids’ Fun Zone: Will include face painting, henna tattoo, crafts and lots of fun all day round.

Documentary: Highlighting Lebanon history, culture and tourism and a brief bio about some Lebanese Legends, will run every hour at the half hour.


Lebanon is well known for its rich, healthy, and delicious cuisine, which is among the most varied and savory in the world. We invite you to taste some of our essential dishes; tabbouli, hummus, moutabal, vine leaves rolls, falafel, pastries, shawarma, shish tawouk, kafta and kibbeh. Also, enjoy our Lebanese sweets such as baklawa, nammoura, and kaak.

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Leeda Aboutarie
Fadi Mansour

Hershey Centre Community Rinks 2
5500 Rose Cherry Place (North of Matheson Blvd East, one block east of Kennedy Rd)

Free Shuttle Bus stops at this Pavilion.

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