HOST: Indonesian Community of Ontario

Welcome to the vibrant world of Indonesia, proudly represented by the Indonesian Community of Ontario (ICO) at the Carassauga Festival 2024! With over a decade of active participation, our pavilion stands as a beacon of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. Supported by the gracious assistance of the Indonesian Consulate General in Toronto for many years, our showcase holds special significance as we join in commemorating the 50th anniversary of Mississauga becoming a city, adding an extra layer of excitement and festivity. Our dedicated team, in continuous collaboration with the Consulate General, brings together a wealth of knowledge and passion, ensuring a memorable journey through Indonesia’s diverse traditions and heritage. As your hosts, we are committed to showcasing the warmth and hospitality for which Indonesia is renowned, inviting you to immerse yourself in our enchanting pavilion.

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Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing performances of traditional dances at the Indonesian Pavilion. From graceful movements that depict ancient folklore to interactive cultural demonstrations, our entertainment lineup promises to transport you to the heart of our vibrant nation. Immerse yourself in the cultural experience by joining our line dancing sessions. Led by our energetic instructors, these sessions offer a chance for everyone to participate and groove to infectious beats, creating unforgettable memories of joy and camaraderie.
We’re thrilled to showcase the talents of dancers from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), who have been an integral part of our pavilion, bringing their passion and expertise to each performance. Additionally, we’re excited to welcome dancers from Vancouver, adding a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to our stage. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to celebrate the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture with dancers from across Canada at Carassauga Festival 2024.

Indonesia Entertainment Schedule – 2024



Embark on a culinary journey through Indonesia’s diverse flavors and aromas at our pavilion. Indulge your taste buds with a tantalizing array of authentic dishes, from mie bakso (meatball noodle soup) to fragrant nasi campur (mixed rice with various toppings). Don’t forget to complement your meal with traditional Indonesian chips and crackers, perfect for satisfying your cravings for crunchy snacks. For our vegetarian guests, delight in the savory goodness of tempe, a popular Indonesian soybean product known for its rich flavor and versatility. And for a refreshing beverage, be sure to try our es teler and es cendol drinks. Es teler is a delightful blend of tropical fruits and coconut milk, while es cendol features pandan jelly, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup. Our culinary artisans will delight you with their mastery of Indonesian cuisine, offering a gastronomic experience that reflects the country’s cultural richness and culinary traditions. Savor every bite and sip as you explore the vibrant tapestry of flavors that define Indonesian culinary heritage.




For inquiries and updates about the Indonesian Pavilion at Carassauga Festival 2024, please contact us:

Pavilion Chair : Rara Rehman


Phone: +1 (416) 904-7023

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Paramount Fine Foods Centre – Sportsplex Gym

5600 Rose Cherry Place (north of Matheson Blvd East, one block east of Kennedy Rd)

Free Shuttle Bus Service to this location – Route A & B – Stop # 3


Experience the Vibrancy of Indonesia

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Indonesia through a visual journey curated by our team. Explore captivating photos showcasing the vibrant colors of traditional costumes, the graceful movements of dance performances, and the irresistible allure of Indonesian cuisine. From intricate batik patterns to the lively beats of gamelan music, each image tells a story of Indonesia’s rich cultural tapestry.

Stay connected with us on social media to receive the latest updates on our preparations for Carassauga Festival 2024. Relive cherished memories from previous years and get a glimpse of what awaits you at our pavilion this year.

Link to YouTube video of our participation in 2023