Our Team

As a volunteer-based organization, our board is comprised of various members reflective of our cultural pavilions (providing community aspect and multicultural capacity) and from the wider community with special skill sets such as financial management, marketing, logistics planning, legal expertise and HR skills.

Carassauga Board of Directors 2019-2021

Carassauga Chair – Marek Ruta

Vice Chair – Resty del Rosario

Vice Chair, Pavilions & Programs – Laura Noray James

Vice Chair, Marketing – Randy Persaud

Treasurer – Sean Franklin

Secretary –  Ursula Makula

Directors – Sunil Bungay, Hema Pereira, Zahid Abbas Syed, Sandra Pereira, Anna Fernandes, Cynthia Prazeres-Mare, Brian Turda, Nicholas Tomec and Jessica Decker

Past Chair – Jack A. Prazeres

If you are interested in applying to join the board, please email info@carassauga.com