Carassauga 2017 Transit Info

For a full-size map of Carassauga’s Shuttle Routes click here

Carassauga 2017 Shuttle Bus Route Details


  • FREE Ridership– Passport holders and accompanying children 12 & under ride free on both Carassauga Shuttle buses AND regularly scheduled MiWay buses during Festival hours.
  • For MiWay routes only, this privilege includes ½ hour before & after Festival hours each day.
  • Buses are wheelchair accessible and air conditioned
  • There will be 3 Carassauga Shuttle Routes; A, B & C
  • All routes connect with Hershey Centre (Site 1) in front of the main arena
  • A map can be found in the middle of the Passport showing all Pavilion sites, bus routes and bus frequencies.
  • Park FREE once at any Pavilion site and visit the other Pavilions by shuttle bus
  • Additional parking is available at the Hershey site in the industrial and Mosque parking lots on Coopers Ave and along both sides of Rose Cherry Place and Coopers Ave
  • There will be specially marked Carassauga shuttle bus stops with signs that display the Carassauga logo and details pertaining to the stop.
  • Note: some of the stops are also regular bus stops so please watch for the Carassauga name to appear on the electronic sign above the windshield
  • Detailed schedules can be found below

Route A – Operates all 3 days
– Connects Square One with Hershey via Site 6
– 30 minute service during Festival hours
– Note: Opening & Closing Times – Special Runs:
Sq One direct to Hershey:  Fri @ 6:50pm & 7:10pm; Sat & Sun @ 12:30 & 12:50pm
Hershey direct to Sq One:  Fri & Sat @ midnight, 12:20am & 12:30am; Sun @ 7:05pm, 7:15pm, 7:30pm.

Route B – Operates on Saturday & Sunday only
– Connects Sites 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
– Shuttle buses will depart from Hershey (Site 1) every 30 minutes starting at 2pm
– Buses will be travelling in one direction

Route C – Operates on Saturday & Sunday only
– Connects Sites 1, 7, 8, & 9
– Shuttle buses will travel in one direction every 30 minutes starting at 2pm from Site 1(Hershey).

NEW for 2017 – Free Parking Shuttle Bus at the Hershey Site!

  • School buses link the Hershey Pavilion sites with nearby parking lots approx. every 12 minutes
  • Operates only on Saturday and Sunday during Festival Hours
  • New overflow parking sites at ADI (entrance off Matheson), on both sides of Rose Cherry and Coopers, industrial lots near Coopers / Rose Cherry intersection and Iceland Arena

Need Help?
– Transit volunteers will be at the Hershey Bus Terminal stops during Festival hours & at the Square One’s “Kiss and Ride” stop on Rathburn Rd during the first hour each day
Or you can call our Carassauga Bus “Hot Line” 647-668-7254 or 647-668-4294

– If you miss the last bus, you may call us until 15 minutes past close each day.

Shuttle Bus Stops

Carassauga shuttle bus stops are close to each Pavilion entrance.  Many of them are also regular MiWay bus stops.  Please check before boarding to ensure you are on a Carassauga shuttle bus, going in your preferred direction and route!

Site Location                                   Bus Stop Location                                     Routes

1. Hershey Centre/Sports Zone       on Rose Cherry Place                                     A, B, C
(20 Pavilions, Kids Zone)   (In front of the main arena at the tall flags)
(Separate stop exists for each route)

2. Burnhamthorpe CC                       Havenwood Dr. & Gulleden Dr.                       B
(Greece)                                        (stop on Havenwood, Pavilion entrance on Gulleden)

3. St. Sava Serbian Centre                       on Dixie Road                                               B
(Serbia)                                              (stop beside the Centre)

4. Carmen Corbasson CC                        in the parking lot                                          B
(Bulgaria, Romania                  (existing MiWay stop in front of the main entrance to Centre)
Latin America)

5. St. Mary’s Ukrainian Church          on Cawthra Rd in front of church                 B

6. Mississauga Valley C.C.                    on Mississauga Valley Blvd                            A
(Hawaii & Poland)                                    (stop in front of centre)

7. Canadian Coptic Centre                      on Eglinton Ave West                                   C
(Egypt)                                                     (In front of Coptic Centre)

8. Streetsville Legion                            on Chursch Street                                  C

9. Portuguese Centre                            on Queen Street North                                 C
(Portugal)                                           (In front of Portuguese Centre)

■  City Centre Bus Terminal            on Rathburn Road                                              A
(Square One)       (City Centre Terminal, Platform Q – Route 21 stop -in front of Whole Foods Market)

Carassauga Bus “Hot Line” Numbers: 647-668-7254 & 647-668-4294

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