HOST: Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario

Haiti is a tropical country in the island of Hispaniola between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Known for their tranquil beaches and mountain terrain, this nation is west of the Dominican Republic and south of the island of Cuba.

From their African roots and French influence, Haiti has differentiated itself ethnically from other Caribbean and Latin American countries. With innovative wood carving and tapestry art, meringue style music, carnival inspired dance, and French literature – Haiti is entirely unique.


Come sample traditional foods such as fritay (fried pieces of pork, fish, or plantain) or shaved ice flavoured with sweet cordials.



Contacts & Location

Marie Jennyne Mayard – 647-461-3410 / info@fkzo,ca

Location: Paramount Fine Foods Centre – South Parking Lot – Outdoor Tent

5500 Rose Cherry Place.

FREE Shuttle Bus Stops at this location.