Pavilion Awards

Carassauga visitors enjoy an exceptional multicultural experience. Visitors surveyed indicated they would recommend the Festival to family, friends and colleagues. High standards are expected for all Pavilions and volunteers. Performance against these standards is recognized at the closing of the Festival each year at our Awards Banquet.

Pavilion Awards

Each year Carassauga recognizes those Pavilions that have exceeded the already high standards for Carassauga Festival Pavilions. Pavilions are judged against a set of criteria based on its culture food offering, the variety and authenticity of the entertainment, the cultural decor and the overall cultural experience enjoyed by the visitor. Festival judges visit every Pavilion throughout the Festival to determine the winners. Visit the Pavilions.

2017 Top Compliance Awards

Each year the Pavilions must meet certain Festival Standards. The following Pavilions received top scores for compliance.

Top 3 Pavilions in a City Facility
1st: Philippines
2nd: Ireland
3rd: Poland

Top 3 Pavilions in an Outdoor Tent
1st: Macedonia
2nd: Korea
3rd: China

Top 2 Pavilions in an Own Facility
1st: Portugal
Tie for 2nd:Ukraine and Canada

Highest Advance Passports Sales

This category is for the Pavilions that sold the highest number of Advance Passports
1st: Portugal
2nd: Philippines
3th: Egypt

Marketing Award

This category is for the Pavilion that markets their Pavilion while keeping with our Carassauga branding
1st: India
2nd: Latin America
3rd: Ireland

Congratulations to all the winners!