Our Pavilions

Each Pavilion offers something special and unique. Pavilions take great pride in featuring a wide variety of activities to depict the culture of their country of origin, including music, food, art, fashion shows, dance, story-telling and much more.


Enjoy amazing cultural performances from a wide variety of cultural groups from West, East, South Africa and the Diaspora (Mauritius, Madagascar) - Participate in a variety of workshops - Listen to African storytelling, theatrical sketches and poetry.


The Brazil Pavilion will treat you to the very best of our vibrant and culturally rich country, including: delicious, world-famous (Picanha) BBQ, sizzling samba dance, Bossa Nova music, arts & craft and much more.


Visit our Canada Pavilion at their NEW Location; Streetsville Legion - 101 Church Street, Mississauga as they celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday from coast to coast.


Come and experience the best of Chinese cultural performances including cutlural dance, Kung Fu demonstatrions and Lion Dances


Visit the Croatia Pavilion for some Folklore Dancing, "TAMBURICA" Music and a variety of Croatian Folk Songs.


Discover Cyprus. This year the Cyprus Pavillion is inviting you to explore our world famous hospitality by traveling through the walkways of our villages and along the shores of our blue seas. Experience our heritage and history through traditional and modern cultural dance performances.


Experience the wonders of Egypt by visiting this exciting and vibrant pavilion. When you drop by, you'll be dazzled by a meaningful selection of artifacts that represent thousands of years of Egyptian history and culture. To immerse yourself in the spirit of modern and ancient Egypt, partake of an entertaining on-site camel ride, or enjoy some Pharaoh-inspired face painting. Gifts, folklore, and a warm, friendly vibe make this fascinating pavilion a must-see this year.


Come and discover Greece, the land of myth and wonder. See the beauty and behold its great landscapes and culture. Experience Greece as it is today.


Come enjoy and experience... The Beauty and Magic of the South Pacific. The Vibrant spirit of its people comes from the celebration of life! You will love every minute of this award winning performance- Performed by Hawaiian Pacific Magic.
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