Board of Directors

Join the Board

Carassauga Festival of Cultures welcomes new board members, who are community minded individuals, with a passion for the richness and diversity that multiculturalism brings to our community. If you are interested in joining the Carassauga Board, please call the office at 905-615-3010.

What we are looking for

Volunteer board experience, strong communication skills and community knowledge is preferred.  Availability to attend meetings, participate on committees throughout the year and be available for more intensive work during the period leading to the Festival and over the Festival weekend.

The Carassauga Board is made up of 19 Directors – six  Executive positions (Chair; Vice Chair : Vice Chair of Pavilions and Programs; Vice Chair of Marketing;  Treasurer and Secretary) plus 13 Directors.  The six Executive positions are two-year posts.  The 13 Director roles are one-year terms. Additional volunteer committees support the vision and activities of the Festival.  Directors are assigned to work with one of the standing committees:

Pavilion and Program: Volunteers and Festival Previews
Administration: Constitution, Bingo, Passport Sales, Transit and Parking
Marketing: Design and Creative, Website and Collateral
Fundraising: Sponsorship Package Design, Sponsor Cultivation/Acquisition/Retention

Carassauga Board of Directors 2017-2018

Carassauga Chair
Marek Ruta

Vice Chair
Resty del Rosario

Vice Chair, Pavilions & Programs
Laura Noray James

Vice Chair, Marketing
Randy Persaud

Sean Franklin

Ursula Makula

Sunil Bungay
Hema Pereira
Zahid Abbas Syed
Brian Turda
Sandra Pereira
Anna Fernandes
Cynthia Prazeres
Jerod Hannah

Past Chair
Jack A. Prazeres